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Coalition to Save the SRFs

The Coalition to Save the SRFs are state agencies, associations, and other partners that support the pledge to fully fund the Clean Water and Drinking Water SRFs at congressionally authorized levels of $3.25 billion each for 2025. Coalition members are not required to endorse all Policy Solutions.

State Revolving Funds

  • Alabama Department of Environmental Management

  • Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona

  • California State Water Resources Control Board

  • Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority

  • Hawaii Department of Public Health

  • Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

  • Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

  • Kansas Department of Administration

  • Kansas Department of Health and Environment

  • Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

  • Minnesota Public Facilities Authority

  • New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

  • North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality

  • North Dakota Public Finance Authority

  • Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

  • Oklahoma Water Resources Board

  • Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

  • Oregon Health Authority


  • South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Affairs

  • South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources

  • Washington State Department of Ecology

  • Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources





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