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About the SRFs

Premier Programs for Funding Water Infrastructure

The Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds (SRFs) are the nation's premier program for funding water infrastructure that protects public health and the environment. 

State-Federal Partnerships

The SRFs are state-federal partnerships developed under a broad federal framework and managed by the states to meet the unique public health needs of their communities.

SRF Subsidized Loans

The SRFs provide loans with interest rates below the market to build build infrastructure that protects water quality and provides safe drinking water, wastewater services, recycled water and stormwater management. 

Affordable Water Bills

SRF subsidized loans have saved billions of dollars in interest payments, bottom-line savings which helps utilities maintain more affordable user rates for households. 

Fiscally Responsible Financing - Forever

Loan repayments generate a permanent, recurring source of revenue to meet the never-ending need to rehabilitate, replace and modernize aging infrastructure for generations to come.


Assistance for Small and Rural Communities

The SRFs provide funding and technical assistance to small and rural communities, many of whom can’t qualify for financing in the municipal market and don’t have the professional staff to manage a capital improvement project for safe drinking water and wastewater services.

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